Audiophile Headphones

Best Headphones for Audiophile: in ear or over ear?

Probably, most of the humanity simply loves and appreciates music. It listens to the melodies, without thinking about purchasing a professional device for listening to them. Fortunately, a large number of advanced devices easily play music files. And only real connoisseurs of sound understand how this or that composition should sound. They are sure that only a good audio system and best headphones for audiophile can open all the edges of music.

The main purpose of this article is to review the best models and help you to choose audiophile headphones.

What is Audiophile Headphones?

Audiophile headphones differ from any other because of special isodynamic radiators that are installed in them. They are used for generation of sound in headphones. These radiators consist of a thin membrane and a pair of magnetic gratings. There are conductive paths on the surface of the membrane. Magnets in the grids are interestingly installed so the special gaps are created between them. When sound is applied to the headphones, the electromagnetic field formed around the membrane interacts with the magnetic gap fields. As a result, oscillations and a sound wave are created. In a nutshell, the listener receives excellent dynamics, large-scale, sweeping sound and realistic reproduction. We are sure that after listening to music with such equipment you will never want to change the audio headphones for some other.

Best Headphones for Audiophile: In Ear And Over-Ear Headphones

Everyone has a different shape of the head, so one and the same headphone model can perfectly fit for one person and be completely unacceptable for another. To satisfy all requests, designers have come up with a lot of ways to attach headphones to the head of a music lover.

  • The classic variant is arc fastening or “headphones with a headband”. The arc of such headphones bends around the head, pressing to the ears of a cup with emitters.
  • The second variant is a hook. Headphones are two hooks that cling to the ears, holding the capsule with the speaker opposite the ear canal. Since this mount uses the same principle as the glasses, this option will not be very convenient for those who constantly wear a rim.
  • The third variant of wearing headphones is the occipital arch. It looks like the previous one but with the difference that the hooks are connected by a light shackle that runs along the back of the head.
  • The fourth variant is the inserts. These are small portable headphones, which are usually attached to a smartphone or to an MP3 player. They are simply inserted into the auricle and lying there. This variant has many drawbacks – the headphones do not fit tightly into the ear hole, so the quality of the transmitted sound usually suffers. In addition, this version of attachment in the ear is unreliable – with active movement, they drop out. There are some modifications of plug-in headphones. One of the most successful solutions, in our opinion, is the Twist-to-fit design from the German manufacturer Sennheiser. This version of the attachment allows the headphones not only to lie in the auricle but also to catch on it by an additional element. A similar variant of the improvement can be seen in other well-known manufacturers of portable headphones, for example in BOSE.
  • The fifth variant is in-channel headphones (they are also sometimes called vacuum headphones). This type of portable headphone provides sound directly to the ear canal. In-ear headphones have a flexible silicone tip (like on a doctor’s phonendoscope) or a special foam with a memory effect. These tips are inserted directly into the ear canal, literally plugging it. For an ideal fit, the in-channel headphones are usually supplied with three pairs of replaceable silicone inserts of different sizes. The result of such a dense landing is a stunningly high degree of isolation from external noise. Such headphones can even be used as earplugs. However, this design has its drawbacks. First, the load on the hearing aid increases, and if you listen for a long time at a high volume with such headphones, you can quickly go deaf. Secondly, the auricle does not “breathe” and prolonged wearing of the in-channel headphones can cause unpleasant sensations, such as itching of the skin.

Audiophile Headphones vs Beats

There are a lot of interesting brands of headphones at the market; there are more successful and less successful models that are scattered in different price segments.

So the best is audiophile headphones because of its sound quality.

We hope that the companies will continue to please ordinary consumers and will release a lot of other interesting audiophile devices.

As for the Beats, bass is good but sometimes people want to listen to music than annoying bass. We may also want to an early appreciation and creation of not only beautiful headphones but also high-quality sound. All in all, Beats are not the best headphones for audiophile.

What headphones to choose?

Home, street, sports. What kind of headphones do you need? What model to choose and why? How much money do you need to buy quality headphones that will not break in a month? The guide on the choice of headphones will tell about all this.

In the matter of the choice of headphones, the subjective preferences of an individual are always very strongly affected, which makes it theoretically impossible set the record straight. Therefore, we will consider few current models of headphones, dividing them into three main subgroups: home headphones, street and separately sports.

Home headphones

Someone prefers vinyl and unimaginable column sizes on broadband speakers. And for someone is quite enough multimedia system from one box. But it so happened that headphones for the home are perceived as a full replacement for classical acoustics, so they should be full-sized, comfortable and, of course, very high-quality. There are no special criteria for the type of construction. Want to enjoy your favorite music without disturbing others, for example, in the dark, then look towards closed models. If this issue is not worth it, you can consider buying open headphones, which are slightly more pleasant in terms of ventilation. Everything else – the length of the cable, connectors, headband design, and the material of the ear pads is selected only by subjective sensations. So, let’s look at some interesting models.

Denon AH-D340

The model, in fact, is very interesting. Being one of the youngest in the expensive line of Denon offer, headphones AH-D340 are very versatile. The package with a bag cover and a short cable for the iPhone, as it were, unobtrusively outlines the scope of future applications. And with this, everything turns out really well; the sound is saturated, bass and loud. But at the same time, it weighs a lot; high power and linear dependence of the impedance make this model well suited for home use.

Many, of course, will like a tenacious landing on the head, good finish and full sound. And another obvious plus is that the Denon AH-D340 can always be taken on the road, and used together with the phone, but the convenience will not be the same as with true portable models.

Sony MDR-1R

Sony also offers a similar home-road model in the form of a revolutionary, in their opinion, model MDR-1R. These headphones received a very flattering assessment. The design and comfort of wearing did not cause any complaints, only a little pumped over the plastic, which, with premium positioning, looks frankly cheap. A special polymer is used to manufacture the diaphragm, combining itself the lightness of the material and good stiffness. But in fact, the sound was really very interesting: dense, rich and detailed.

But the main feature here is the universality of the model. If it is supposed mainly home use with rare outings, then it is worth buying the basic version – MDR-1R. If you practice the 50/50 regime, then there are very tempting chips. These same headphones are equipped with a wireless Bluetooth module and an active noise reduction system. Naturally, you will have to pay extra for this.

Street or Portable headphones

If at home the headphones can easily be replaced by an acoustic system, then on the way this way of listening to music is prevalent, especially when it comes to public transport. That is why the lion’s share of all offers on the market are models that brighten up the daily road to work or long trips. Here, above all, good ergonomics and a well-thought-out design are important, so that the headphones do not become an aggravating load but will only bring pleasure. The most common overhead models with a folding structure and various inserts. In addition, you can consider samples with an active noise reduction system, for example, if you often go to the subway. In that case, audiophile bluetooth headphones are the best choice.

Audio-Technica ATH-ES88

This model was very expensive but now the model has appreciably become cheaper, so today its purchase looks even more competent. For the manufacture of the basic details of the construction, the developer uses good strong materials with a minimum amount of plastic. ATH-ES88 are obtained not only very compact in the form of a folding mechanism but also very reliable.

The sound is worthy of the appreciation. It does not pretend to monitor correctness, but at least we get a full bass and a well-detailed middle. The only thing that should be remembered in choosing is that this model has not the highest sensitivity. Therefore, it is worth choosing the appropriate device, at least, the iPod.

Beyerdynamic T50P

These headphones have a very unusual appearance, and, most importantly, a very non-trivial design. They use an advanced magnetic system, which allows you to get more induction, therefore, increases the sensitivity and overall sound level. When listening to this model, users like the company’s specific timbral color, very good detail and the ability to form an excellent scene.

The model can be recommended for fans of jazz and vocal. But again there are questions about compatibility with sources. If you simply connect the Beyerdynamic T50P to a cheap Chinese smartphone, the sound will cause disappointment. To achieve the best result, you need to use high-quality players, especially since the amount of undistorted volume here is huge.

Sennheiser IE80
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In-ear headphones initially appeared as a professional monitoring tool for musicians, but due to the obvious convenience, they became very popular among ordinary users. Such models provide good sound quality, and, most importantly, are very compact. You can wear them literally in any pocket. Sennheiser IE80 – a very interesting sample, kit of which consist of eight pairs of interchangeable attachments. They differ in design, size, and materials. In general, the wearing comfort is exceptional.

In addition, this model has a unique function that allows you to mechanically adjust the amount of bass. But it should be noted that even with the minimum settings, the IE80 has a clearly bass character. The low-frequency region presses slightly on the mid-range, which makes it not very expressive. But according to generally accepted ideas, the quality of reproduction can be very high. 

Sports headphones

What should be the headphones for sports? Naturally, compact and light. At the same time, they need to provide the most tenacious fixation and at least be slightly protected from moisture. Here it is possible to use classical intracanal models, but for active people, it is better to choose headphones with corresponding design features. Read our detailed review of sports headphones.

Polk Audio UltraFit 3000

These headphones are very good in design. They use strong plastic handles, which provide a reliable fixation. In addition, the package includes a large number of rubber pads of various designs, so you can optimize well the planting in the ear canal.


In any case, always remember that you can only trust your ears when choosing headphones. After all, each specific assessment of “like / dislike” depends on a personal understanding of the quality of sound and even ear features, for example, when it comes to sports models. Therefore, before buying it is good to go to any decent store and listen to selected samples to find your best headphones for audiophile. Today it has become a normal practice, and self-respecting sellers always provide such services.

And, almost forgot, you can buy new audiophile headphones both in internet stores and in the special shops in your own town.