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5 Best budget Headphones Under $200 In 2017

Spending more time to look for top-notch headphones may help you experience amazing sound. The truth is that you do not have to spend tons of dollars before finding the right headphone. With less than two hundred dollars, you are guaranteed of finding top-notch headphones that last for a long time. Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover 5 best budget headphones under $200.

Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones:

This product has an overall sleek design and comes with a high-gloss brown finish. Within a mix, instruments will occupy their own space, making voice crystal clear. The Sennheiser HD 598 remains a great choice with respect to a precise and smooth bass. If your quest is for audio balance and clarity, the product is the best to buy. The Sennheiser HD is a lightweight and comfortable headphone to use in a time of need. The pressure from the sides and top of the head can be removed with the help of the ear-cups and padded headband of the Sennheiser HD 598. Even during long sessions, you will not feel any heat or moisture through the help of the product’s breathability.

AKG Reference-Class Jones Headphones:

The performance of the AKG Q 701 is highly exceptional. The quality of the service of this product makes it a source of attraction for high-talented musicians like Quincy Jones. The sound quality of the product remains highly superlative. If you are using the AKG Q 701 for a long period of, you’ll not experience any discomfort.

Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones:

The Bayerdynamic Pro headphones will provide an amazing audio experience in any environment. With this product, you will experience minimal sound leakage and open sound, these are best budget noise cancelling headphones. Users can hear the actual sound in a mix with the help of vey flat frequency response. The sound quality of the product is highly exceptional. It is easy to maintain this product.

Audio-Technica Professional Monitor Headphones:audiotechnica best budget headphones

Experts have mentioned that the Audio-Technica headphones remain the best under two hundred dollars. The natural tonal response and overall sound quality of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is unbeatable. These headphones offer accurate and deep bass with elegant clarity of audio. Using the Audio-Technica will help you experience total balance through the frequency system. Users will get airtight isolation from ambient noise with the help of the closed-back and cushioned ear-cups. The ear-cups and collapsible design makes the product easily foldable and rotate into any position. The product is comfortable to use and comes with classic natural sound quality. These are truly the best budget over ear headphones.

RHA Noise In-Ear Headphones:

When looking for best budget in-ear headphones that last for a long time, then RHA MA750 is a perfect choice. In fact, it is the highest ranked in-ear headphone in the market under two hundred dollars. The sound quality of the RHA MA750 is highly exceptional. The reproduction of sound when using the MA750 remains articulate and precise. It is durable, portable and comes with integrated ergonomic design.


With the best headphones under $200 in this article, you will not lack good sound quality when listening to music. If you are more demanding for sound quality, read about audiophile headphones.

Bluedio T3 Plus Bluetooth Headphones

best budget headphonesWhen you have limited budget but still don’t want to compromise on sound quality or design, consider Bluedio brand, They make a lot of quality headsets and also best budget bluetooth headphones.

Turbine 3rd generation bluedio headphones, whose design is inspired by the plane engine turbine, have all the features that the previous generation model had, plus some great new improvements. T3 plus features a 57mm all titanium diaphragm plating which serves to lower the THD or total harmonic distortion to minimum. The end result is a greatly improved sound resolution with no distortion, for your maximum listening pleasure.

Design & Sound

Their foldable design makes them very compact an convenient to carry wherever you go. Especially strong telescopic arm ensures that they can withstand at least 5 thousand times of folding and stretching.

With great alloy material used for their body, which gives them that metallic and premium look and feel. They are beautifully designed and very durable. T3 plus ear cups are padded with protein rich memory foam. Foam is very soft and airy, it protects the ears from irritation, and makes these headphones very comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

Equipped with 3D sound bluedio headphones let you enjoy the stereo surround sound effect and fully immerse yourself in your music experience. With above average diaphragm diameter of 2.24″ T3 plus headphones are better at playing bass than majority of other similar headphones out there.

Micro Sd Card Support

The best feature, in my opinion, is the micro sd card support, for obvious reasons. T3 plus bluedio headphones allow you to put all your music on a micro sd card that you can insert directly in the headphones. That basically means you don’t need your mobile phone or any other external device to be able to listen to your music. It’s an all in one solution, which makes things way more practical and makes them actually best budget wireless headphones.
The maximum supported size is 32GB, which is more than enough space for storing your music.


The most common 3.55mm jack input allows you to connect to your mp3 player, mobile phone, laptop computer, etc, and listen to your music that way. They feature a bluetooth 4.1 technology that enables them to receive music from up to 25-30 feet away, which is very handy. T3 plus has a USB input as well, which is not that common to see in headphones. Nevertheless, having USB capabilities just makes it much easier to connect with other devices.
They also support a line out so you can easily share your stuff with friends.


The battery has a decent lifespan of about 20 hours of listening to music, standby time is around 1100 hours and talk time is around 20 hours as well. Time it takes to fully charge is about 2 hours. All in all the battery life is fairly good.


Bluedio T3 plus headphones are at the average price range for quality sound headphones. With these headphones you can expect a very good ambient sound reduction and a great sound quality overall. Them being a little bit larger and heavier than the average headphones, weighing at 265 grams, are a little less portable than your average earbuds.

If you are looking for excellent sound quality, good design, input rich headphones than bluedio T3 plus headphones are a great choice.

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