Best over ear headphones

Best headphones – for DJs, movies and with great bass!

Every model of headphones is designed with specific need in mind. In this review we will cover several nominations of Best headphones 2017 award for different situations:

  1. Best over ear headphones
  2. Best in ear headphones (plugs)
  3. DJ headphones
  4. Headphones for movies
  5. Headphones with good bass
  6. Best Sennheiser headphones
  7. Beats by Dr Dre headphones

1. Best headphones 2017 – BEST OVER EAR HEADPHONES

Over ear headphones have developed from the large, large designs that had been utilised in the 80’s to various slimmer styles that offering high resolution music and home theater sound. The choice of over ear headphones for an individual is dependent upon what the individual intends to make use of them for and on no matter if the individual intends to use them at their home or when moving around like when travelling or jogging.Over ear headphones for house use can be a bit bigger whereas those for use when moving around require to become smaller and lighter. You will discover many different headphone types offered inside the industry in order to match everyone’s fashion and preferences.
Sealed styles are create.For a great listening experience, nothing beats a top rated set of headphones. Here’s some over the best over the ear headphones I’ve come across

1. Maximo iMetal iM590.

These are best over ear headphones under $50. For a modestly priced set of headphones, this product is terrific. It’s a very well designed in the ear type which comes with cabling which is fabric covering for protection and durability. It also looks great. And it comes with a variety of ear tips so you can get great sound isolation and performance at a terrific price.

Add to this a hard shell case and terrific audio response and you’ll find that this Maximo product really fits the bill.

2. Grado SR60i.

A number of audiophile sites rate this as one of the best headphones you can buy for under $100. So if you want terrific sound performance at an attractive price, the Grado SR60i is the one to get.

These headphones perform equally well with your iPod or home stereo system and they are very comfortable to wear for hours and hours. These headphones have a distinctive look you’ll appreciate as well.

3. Denon AH-D7000.

A terrific performer for those whose budget can afford, this Denon model delivers ultra high performance with state of the art components. Denon has long established itself as a premier product for audiophiles and this model exemplifies its reputation.

Just do a search on the Internet for this model and you’ll find at least a half dozen raving reviews from very well established and reputable experts from enGadget, CNET, and Ecoustics.

Certainly not a budget accessory, the Denon AH-D7000 plays a vital role in any good audio system.

For best over ear bluetooth headphones read our review.

2. Features of the Best In Ear Headphones

The best in-ear headphones are made to reduce possible damage to hearing. Many studies have shown that earbuds have to be turned up higher than with conventional headphones due to the amount of outside noise which can be heard. Best in-ear headphones which have a universal ear cushion allow the user to close out noise meaning; they offer the convenience in-ear headphones without the damage.

The headphones are very useful in noisy environments since they are designed to fit snugly in the ear canal thus providing total noise cancellation. The main characteristics introducing in-ear headphones are directed at providing perfect sound isolation without affecting sound quality, portability and style.

The high-tech in-ear headphones stereo listening device was created with the “die-hard” stereo fanatic in mind. For the people who demands nothing less but the best in sound quality and deliverance, many people feel the headphones top of the “show” as far as these details, and others, are concerned – no matter what they may be listening to at the time they are wearing them.

The ear buds are designed to be lightweight, and, best in-ear headphones set includes both the adjustable “flex tube” to fit over the ears, in addition to offering a fine fit in ear buds.

Many of the in-ear headphones available today are not created to fit the canal or create a comfortable seal in the ear as they are still made in a round shape. However, High-tech in-ear headphones manufacturers realized that to achieve the best fit with the most comfort; they would have to shape their bud “oblong” – which is the natural shape of the human canal. And, this they did, and with great results.

In-ear headphones are portable, and you can carry the headphones wherever you go. Their small size facilitates this, and the carrying pouch offered when you purchase them.

High tech in-ear headphones have the ability to be used with portable devices like mobile phones while enjoying the best quality sound. This is achievable due to their low impedance.

The best In-ear headphones also include various practical features such as such a Y cable four feet long and a slider. This feature helps reduce entanglement when in storage. They also feature a shirt clip that helps eliminate rubbing noises from reaching your ears. The clip also secures the cord preventing it from whirling around.

High quality and comfort in-ear headphones cost the buyer a little more. However, many people find it is sometimes wiser to pick quality over price – especially when a stereo accessory can deliver quality sound.

Headphones are subjected to hard knock and bent a wire which means they will develop tears over time. There is nothing to be done with this if you choose a headphone that is delicate with thin cables. High tech in-ear headphones are durable models.

Most in-ear headphones do not feature a lot of controls. They are simple plug- in and play devices which have volume control and the stop function. If remote features are present, then you can receive and end calls, skip to the previous or the next track. The remote control is now available with many leading brands of in-ear headphones.


Best DJ Headphones

For most people, headphones provide them with the best means of listening to their favorite music since they have been specially designed to meet individual needs.DJ headphones are not only meant to be used by deejays, but also by any beginner music enthusiast who wants to listen to music at a whole new different level.One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a pair of headphones are size, price, durability and the type of technology that has been used in making them.

Best headphones for DJ differ slightly from normal ones since they are slightly bigger in size.Furthermore, they have extra padding that allows you to wear them comfortably for long periods of time.The best thing about DJ headphones is that they can be used for both recreational as well as professional use.This article looks deeply into some of the best DJ Headphones that are currently available in the market that will give you the ultimate feeling of listening to music.

Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphones.
This is arguably one of the most sought after DJ headphone due to its superior capabilities, especially its superior sound quality.Its elegant and stylish design ensures maximum comfort for you for whichever amount of time you are going to wear them.If you are passionate about Deejaying and want to take your skills to the next level, then this is the perfect must-have gadget for you.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Professional Dj Headphones.
These particular Dj headphones are of premium quality since they have been proven not to distort at high volumes.This makes them the most sought after headset for both DJs and audiophiles.It outshines other headphones by delivering clean, quality and undistracted audio which will truly make you appreciate them for getting the best value for your money.
These headphones can easily be folded and safely kept away when not in use.They also have extra padding which ensures that they provide extra comfort to your ears and head even after long hours of listening.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones.
These particular set of headphones have been built to last and give balanced and detailed sound.They also offer maximum comfort due to their extra padding and cushioning and have earpads that can swivel up to 180 degrees.Furthermore, it also comes with ¼’’ adaptor that easily folds up for storage, a pouch for carrying it together with some cables of different lengths.

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Noise-Isolating Metal Headphones.
This particular brand is popular with both elite DJs and pro musicians the world over.It produces high-quality sound with a vibrant midrange, a rich base that is deep enough and a supremely clear volume clarity.These headphones are durable since they have been subjected to real life military tests to ensure that they satisfy the highest standards.

Beats Mixr Wired ON-Ear Headphones.
These Dj headphones will give you a good listening experience due to their signature sound quality with a deep rich base that remains vibrant even at high volumes.They can easily be folded for convenient storage.Their sturdy frame and swivel design for one ear monitoring make them one of the best in the market.They are suitable for use by both amateurs and professionals.

The Bottom Line.
You should exercise caution as you shop around for a pair of Dj headphones and take your time to choose the best pair since they should be able to serve you for a considerable period of time.Choosing one of the Dj headphones discussed above will surely give you the best value for your money while at the same time providing you with the best deejaying experience.

4. Top 5 Best Headphones For watching Movies

The release date of that movie you waited months to see has finally arrived. You are the first one in line, heck, you reserved a seat. You gather all your friends and get to the theater an hour earlier just to get all your popcorn, candy, beverages, and more. You run towards your seat and look around to see no-one would bother you. You are all set and eager for the movie to start. But hey, you have waited months to watch the movie; a minute more or less won’t make a difference. The time has come and the movie has finally begun, but unfortunately, the sound surround; the music and bass are horrendous, you can barely hear the dialog. These just make the movie experience a complete disappointment. I know, we have all been there. Now, imagine you come home after an arduous day. All you want to do is lie on your bed and watch that thriller or action movie that just came out on DVD and took the time to go rent or buy just to experience the same problem with the sound. You do not feel your whole body beat alongside the music. Therefore, here are the top 5 headphones for movies that might make your viewing experience better.
1. Sennheiser HD 429 Earphones
It is an easy to use, simple and comfortable headphone. It has padding on the ear-cups and headband so your head and ears won’t hurt when using them for long periods of time. Also, the wire is attached to only the left earphone preventing it to get tangled as a two wired headphone. For a movie lover, these ones are the best ones in regards to quality sound. They are not suitable for gaming. And the best part is, they are cheap.
2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones
The first thing that will catch your attention about these headphones is their humongous size. It is perfect because the cup will cover your whole ear making them very comfortable. Do not get mislead by its size, they are perfect to use for many hours and you won’t find them heavy or harmful.
3. Bose SoundtTrue over-the-ear headphones
This one is my favorite to use because they only weigh 4.9 ounces and has a well-defined bass. If you fear headphones that cause stress to your neck, look no further, this one is the one who won’t give you those side-effects. They come in a protective case and the cable can be removed from the headphone for safe keeping. The only downside is that you only have two options if you want the microphone to work. You can either get a Mac or a Samsung one. But the good news is that you can buy extra cables separately.
4. SkullCandy Hesh 2
I know why you are thinking, SkullCandy, an overprice headphone with no true advantages over others. But, these ones do have an advantage; it comes with two connectivity options. You can get between wireless and a wired version with a slight change in their price. It has an inline remote and a microphone to use only on mobile devices. I would recommend these ones if you are opting for an IN design instead of the sound quality, for all SkullCandy headphones sound about the same descent quality.
5. Golzer BanC 50 wireless headphones
This one is best wireless headphones for movies that give you the option to wire them if the battery runs out. It supports noise cancelling, which is nice if you don’t want to hear all that extra noise during the day. You get buttons on the headphone to turn on or off noise cancellation and to regulate the volume.
These are some of the best headphones for movies of the market as of 2017. Now, you can sit back on the couch or lie in bed and enjoy those sounds as if you were physically present in the movie. But ultimately, the choice to what suit you best is yours, and you won’t be disappointed.


Why You Need A Good Bass Headphone.

In this era of innovation at its peak, it has become very easy to have various devices made to suit your personality or personal preference. This includes having your best headphones with good bass.

It is also pleasing to know that headphone developers research to improve the quality of their products. This gives you a feel from the lowest to the deepest bass tones.

Amazing Bass Headphones.

The most popular bass headphone currently in the market is the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 with a good stellar sound and of course, it’s incredible bass. It is built with a “Steel-flex” headband for flexible bending and twisting. It also has a strength feature of a steel frame instead of a plastic frame that makes it very light when handling.

It also has a “Clique fold” point which makes a click sound and allows the M-100 fold into the smallest form you can ever get on the market. Most importantly, it is suitable for use in very noisy environments with a friend able to listen along with you.

The German Brand Bass Headphone: “Sennheister Momentum”.

A German brand company’s exceptional “Sennheiser Momentum” is well known for its good audio and bass feedback. It is portable and rest assured, you won’t have your ears getting irritated with the sounds you receive. The headphone has a quality finish which comes with a semi-hard shell case wrapped all over it.

It also has a leather textile finish and soft pouches to protect it and give you the comfort you desire. It comes in three colors all built with metal and leather. These colors are: Black, Brown and Ivory. So depending on your choice you decide the color you would want to roll with.

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphone.

This headphone is very durable with suitable bass and a noise reduction slider for you to find it easy controlling bass feedback. It has a sensitivity rating of 96dB. Not forgetting its customized accessories which are sold separately, but still worth the price.

The Sony MDR-XB600 Headphones.

The Sony MDR-XB600 on-ear headphone is a well- built bass heavy device. Like its name “XB”, which means “Extra Bass”, it is a good looking bass headphone that is sure to give you the best bass you would ever expect to get from a headphone’s output. It is very durable, comfortable to use with the surety of less to no sound leakage.

This headphone with good bass is built with plastic and has leather on the top of the headband. It does not have a case or pouch to carry around, though they are easily adjustable. You could buy a case if you think you really need one. It has colors ranging from black, brown to a gold color combo.

The Sony bass headphone’s frequency response is 4Hz- 24kHz with 40mm drivers to help give big bass all round and great mid ranges.

So for bass heads or individuals who want to purchase headphones with very good bass, it is a must to have the following headphones in your shopping cart for purchase either online or next time you go to a musical shop that sell amazing products as these. You must also put into consideration the headphone’s driver size, finish, comfort, and durability.

6. Ideal Suggestions On Shopping For  Sennheiser Best Headphones

Headphones are an excellent way to enjoy cut audio media. They offers the complete immersion knowledge of a circle sound systems for a portion of the payment. Headphones have the bonus of isolation, as it is practicable to enjoy eardrums-piercing volume without understanding the neighbor. Sennheiser should be provide quality audio product for over sixty years. Their set of headphone includes several high-quality result that ranges from affordable place headphones for the random user, to the powerful monster for music professionals. They even have best headphones for gaming!

Headphones aren’t just a hip or stylish accessory. A badly performing headset can cost you valuable time, cash, or other peoples’ lives that’s the price you may pay for the transmission of postponed, mistaken or erroneous details due to gadget fail. If you wear a set most of the time, a low-quality headset can lead to ear and neck pain, hearing troubles or headaches. Desiring – or looking – a new pair of headsets? You don’t need to be satisfied with second-rate models when there’s Sennheiser.

Considered the gold standard in headset aesthetics and functionality, Sennheiser headphones are known for offering distinct, the evident audio standard for alleviating and accuracy of conversation. Each and every unit is created to deliver final consolation to the consumer, whether it’s used headband-style or hooked on the ears. To appreciate the rewards of a Sennheiser, nevertheless, you need to be ready to shell out the costly amount to pay. That is – right until you locate other, cheaper suppliers of this famous product.

If you’re an intelligent buyer, you understand that the Internet is your best companion when it comes to purchasing top-quality tech items sold at the most budget friendly prices. All you need is your preferred device (laptop, personal computer, tablet or smartphone), a high-speed Net connection (actually, a mid-range broadband line will do, but quicker connection means more shopping action), and your preferred credit card or online settlement account to buy a set of the newest Sennheiser headsets. It also compensates to have keen buying instinct, so you’re able to hunt down the web-based store selling a broad range of high-brand, low-priced headsets.

In choosing a trusted headset dealer, make sure you improve the deals and excellent support they give you. Inquiring the following queries may also assist you to assess whether the items they’re selling are, well, great.

1. Do you have a least expensive selling price guarantee? Several leading companies offer a price complement buying function. This indicates that should you be able to find the exact make and model of headphones from another site at a low cost; they are prepared to cheaper their costs even 5 per cent lower than this competitors.

2. How many working days until I receive my purchase? Inspect if the retailer applies a courier services company that warranty fast and safe arrival of the purchase. Tracking functions and protected shipping can help eliminate shipping horror stories that often end with losing the merchandise and paying for more.

3. Are you suggested by the manufacturer? Ask if the store is an authorized reseller, so you enjoy the calmness of mind that you’ll be getting Sennheiser headsets that are 100 % real.


Beats by Dr Dre are a specific type of headphones that were made and designed by famous international hip hop rapper and producing director Dre and Geffen with Jimmy Iovine. Someone may even consider them Audiophile Headphones. The main driving force behind their production was to enable the user to have the chance of listening to the full spectrum of sound, the same way as it is heard by producers and artists in the recording studios. This was the sole reason behind their production

They are manufactured by monster cable. Monster beats by Dre have effectively managed to combine both design and style with high quality functionality. This is a common characteristic of the beats by Dre. They are mostly known for their high definition over the ear headphones. The jack is 3.5mm and is intended for 3.5mm jack inputs.

These inputs are used by many devices. These include mp3 players and ipods. They are also used on portable audio players, beats by Dre studios and these headphones by Dre solo. An adapter for 1/4 inch jack is also included with some of these headphones.

The quality of the sound produced is really good. The sounds have been balanced appropriately with a thumping bass and a warm mid-range. This factor makes the listener to enjoy any kind of music using these headphones. They are perfect for listening to all kinds of music such as hip hop, hard rock and electronic.

These commodities have a variety of advantages. Whether one prefers listening to classical music or heavy metal the sound produced is good. This is due to the fact of the good quality of sound at low volumes and the pumping of sound at high volumes.

The brand has released different products from the time it started selling sound equipment. Some of its products are the pro high performance professional headphones, the high performance professional headphones, high performance powered isolation headphones and the solo high definition on-ear headphones. These are some of its products that are in demand worldwide.

Beat by Dr Dre are expensive but they are worth each and every penny. The products are very popular and are even highly recommended by musicians, disk jockeys and producers. They have managed to establish themselves in the market as the best products in the market in the limited period due to their high quality

Now, proceeding one step ahead with flashing a light regarding advantages of this type of gadgets is they give excellent sound effects, with classic voice clarity perpetually serving you to take privilege of your most liked music without any interruption. However, for that the only thing you need to do is to grip the exclusive design of accessories actively having all features including outstanding competencies to serve you with substantial results instantly. So time to just look at some tangy facts essentially helping you to catch the best gadget handily.

Admirable Sound Clarity
While going for shopping or planning to order this type of accessories its always advisable to check whether the device has the capacity of superior sound clarity or not.

Noise Attenuation
One of the most crucial factor that needed to be checked preferably is whether the gadget is capable enough to shield the music from noise attenuation. As this feature actively enhances your interest for listening music.

Perfect Fit:
There are some headphones that doesn’t get exactly fit in the ears so in that case to avoid interruption in enjoying the rhythm of music make sure that you eventually catch the one that get finely fit at your ears accordingly.Furthermore, it’s high time to get energize and shop explemery design of Beats by Dre within your budget. So just swivel your eyes on the above mentioned facts basically helping you to have impeccable selections comfortably.


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