Bluedio Hifi Wireless Headphones

Bluedio Hifi Wireless Headphones Review

Bluedio Hifi Wireless Headphones have become the next best thing in the competitive and ever-changing world of headsets. This unique design is guaranteed to give you a bang for your buck and leave you happier every minute. At some point, they can be best over ear wireless headphones under $50! .

Bluedio Hifi Wireless Headphones: Bluedio HT (Shooting Brake) Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

This headset continues the harmony of affordability and quality as all Bluedio headsets do. Right from the start, getting this device to work synchronously with your laptop or phone is simplified by the installation of the driver software. The 57mm driver provides a fantastic bass too.

The headset is light in weight with comfortable ear cushions made from pleather so you can have them on for hours without feeling too much discomfort. Can be used both as a wired and wireless headphone, with a cable to connect to external devices for wired use, and a rechargeable battery for wireless use.

Ability to conduct hands-free calls thanks to the inbuilt microphone. A great feature is the music sharing ability, where you connect a separate headphone to the HT headphone jack and receive the music in your Bluedio HT headphone via Bluetooth.

The material used to make the body of the headphones is quite brittle and can easily break. Handle this headphone with care.

Bluedio A (Air) Wireless Bluetooth HiFi Headphone

This product looks like best over ear bluetooth headphones and comes in a very appealing design of English letter graphics over the body, which is mostly plastic. The headband and ear cushions are wrapped in pleather for added comfort. This model comes with its very own bag casing, with room for the headphones, a separate bag containing the cables, and much more space to spare. You will not feel a lot of heat discomfort from this brand either since it boasts some impressive 3D heat transfer printing. The 3D surround sound lets you independently hear the sound coming from the headphones while cutting out unwanted surrounding sounds.

The con to this product would be its price. It goes for about $60, almost double the price of a Bluedio HT Shooting Brake. However, the Bluedio A has a much more durable body as compared to the brittle Bluedio HT Shooting Brake. That should make up for the difference.

Bluedio B

This model mimics the Beats by Dre headphones in looks, but totally knocks down its competitor regarding price. You can get this model for as little as $30 other than spending over $100 on the latter. Bluedio B has an inbuilt FM radio and Micro SD card slot for an added performance. Easily chargeable through a USB cable and works just as seamlessly with your laptop, phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

This headphone has an unusually brittle body material that easily snaps when too much pressure is applied. It is advised you handle this model of Bluedio Hifi Wireless Headphones with care.

Bluedio B2

This model is a step up from its predecessor, the Bluedio B some celebrated features. The ear cushions are covered with comfortable pleather (plastic leather) while the ear pads allow for 360-degree rotation as you search for your most comfortable position. The sound quality on the Bluedio B2 is much higher than the Bluedio B model thanks to the 40mm drivers. The 40mm drivers also give an adequate cavity structure that covers the ears for great surround sound.

As always, maintain a high level of care while handling the Bluedio B2 headsets to prevent accidental snaps on the body material.

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