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High Resolution Audio Player Software

Below you may find hi res audio player software for every platform and operative system, such as Windows, Mac or Linux PCs, or Android smartphones. It’s full of lossless music player programs out there and all you have to do is choose the one that fits your needs!

If you love music and can’t stand a low-quality hearing experience, then a high resolution audio player software is what you need. Regardless of operative system, your audio player software will always be there for you. Just remember to pair it with a great headset and enjoy your music!

As a general rule, however, pay attention to file size: high resolution audio files are larger than the average music files so many high resolution audio player softwares resorted to hardware decoding to avoid consuming CPU usage. However, hi res audio players that make use of software decoding are outstanding too.

Another useful feature of excellent player software that is available on every platform, is the possibility of playing not only lossless audio format such as FLAC, ALAC and WMA, but also lossy audio formats such as MP3, M4A and ACC. Some hi res audio players even play the most popular video formats and as a music lover, this variety is what you probably need depending upon the nature and type of device you wish to have the music play on. Read below to discover which high resolution audio player softwares are the best. Of course, you will have to use the best headphones to enjoy the sound provided by top audio software.

High Resolution Audio Players For PC

The three best high resolution audio players for PC are:

  •  JPLAY. This amazing software takes a leaf out of Jriver’s and Foobar2000’s book as for looks and interface, renewing it with improvements to the sound quality and the general playing experience. The best feature of this professional hi res audio player is that JPLAY is able to isolate itself from the OS processes, disabling background services that could hinder your listening to music.
  •  XXHighEnd. This software is excellent, but you also need to have a powerful computer to get it to run! In addition, you have the right to a free trial period, that could help you get acquainted with the difficult setup of the XXHighEnd program. It is able to adjust page size and latency, and utilize memory playback, as well as playing standalone.
  •  Fostex Audio Player. This light high resolution audio player for PC and Mac is easy to use and provided with the most useful feature you could be looking for in this kind of software: easy creation and access to playlists and Repeat and Shuffle playback modes. It also boasts of the capability of playing the most popular audio extensions of music files available in music stores.

Now let’s look at best hi res players for different platforms.

Hi Res Audio Players for Windows

The three best high resolution audio players for Windows are:

  •  HYSOLID. This high resolution audio player for Windows 7 or Windows 10 is free to use, you only need to register on the official website to download the Hysolid Tool and use it. It allows you to choose a song on your smartphone and play it on your pc simply by clicking it, without quality losses. It even displays artwork when your music is playing!
  •  Teac HR Audio Player. This program allows simple and fast high resolution audio listening for everyone, without forcing you to have a deep digital music format knowledge or a professional music know-how. You will be able to play your hi res music files straight from your desktop, with no worry about complicated settings or impossible setups.
  •  AudioGate 4. This great software has the unique feature of adding a professional audio recording setup to an already great playback setting: you only have to install AudioGate 4 on your computer, and then connect it to the KORG DS-DAC-10R recorder using a USB cable. AudioGate 4 also comes with proprietary software for handling DSD format and other high-quality files.

Hi Res Audio Players For Mac

The two best high resolution audio players for Mac are:

  •  JRiver Media Center. At a small price of 49$, it supports standard audio formats plus the lossless formats FLAC, WAV, DSD; the special features you will find in this light but powerful product are custom playlists and the possibility of using blu-ray streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix to watch your videos.
  •  5KPlayer. It supports lossless audio formats such as WMA, FLAC and ALAC, as well as the most popular loss formats. Its main feature is hardware acceleration, useful to increase the decoding efficiency of this software without taxing the CPU usage. If you want a high resolution audio player for your Mac without spending a fortune, look no further! This gem is completely free to download.

Hi Res Audio Players For Linux

The two best high resolution audio players for Linux are:

  •  AudioPhile Linux. This programs promises to offer you the chance to listen to bit-perfect audio on Ubuntu and the other Linux OS’s, and it keeps its promise. Based on custom Real Time Kernel, it only allows audio processing as the main process while active. Even better, AudioPhile Linux is absolutely free and ready to use, according to the open source Linux philosophy.
  •  HQPlayer. This software is not free like AudioPhile Linux, but it allows a free 30-day, 30-minute per use free trial. Its main features are a fancy GUI (much better than that of some free audio player software), DSD playback, and a good number of advanced features beyond the ones listed before. It runs well in Ubuntu 16.04 and previous versions, and in the other Linux distros.

Hi Res Audio Players For Android

If you use your smartphone as a portable music player you can enjoy lossless sound too! The two best high resolution audio players for Android are:

  •  Neutron. This software allows you to listen to high-resolution music files on your smartphone, whether it be Android or IOS. You will never have to stick to lossy MP3 files anymore! Just upload your favourite FLAC files on your smartphone and start listening to some serious music. Neutron has a great number of customisation options, as well as the ability to support almost every audio format.
  •  Onkyo HF Player. This smartphone high resolution audio player app is free to download and use with no time limits! It comes with a touch-adjustable linear-phase FIR equalizer and it allows you to make your own EQ presets or select an optimized filter created by professionals. Check out this review of Onkyo player:
    Sounds great, fully featured and can bitstream DSD audio. What more could want from a convenient sma
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