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Wireless headphones 2017 – Choose from the latest items

Opting to purchase wireless headphones over cable headphones is a brilliant idea. However, picking the best wireless headphone in the market today is quite a task for many individuals. Pick a bad set of wireless headphones you risk yourself ending up with poor battery, sketchy connections and compressed sounds. With regards to that, below are reviews to some of the amazing wireless headphones in the market today. Obviously wireles headphones are ideal for sports, if you are aiming to enjoy music while running consider this review on  Sports Headphones.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35

Bose QC25 wireless (bluetooth) model has at last conveyed its incredible commotion scratching off innovation to a couple of remote earphones and it’s done as such with no customary downsides of the wireless earphones. They sound extraordinary, and their battery life is sufficiently durable for all.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

These no nonsense wireless headphones are overflowing with positive qualities, however for some, they’re way too costly. Nonetheless, in case you’re a sound sweetheart that can save the cost, don’t dither on this hard-working, comfortable pair of wireless headphones that will probably keep going for quite a long time.

Arbors and Wilkins P7 Wireless headphones.

The Bowers and Wilkins P7 Wireless earphones are an incredible set of Bluetooth earphones for enthusiasts of bass-heavy music. Their sound is both weighty and robust for all music genres; however particularly so with regards to hip hop music and EDM.

Other than having a great sound, the physical design of these headphones is likewise brilliant. The mark B&W look is no less satisfying here, and even more appealing is how the link port is normally hidden by the magnetic ear cups.

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 headphones.

These amazing set of wireless headphones are the best choice for travellers. In case you’re a regular traveller you’re presumably familiar with the experience of having to encounter with headphones that can’t hold a charge and can’t shut out sound, not to mention sounding great. Give me a chance to acquaint you with the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2, one of only a handful couple of wireless headphones available that can hold up charge longer for you and block out sound due to their noise-cancelling technology. Again they cost almost half the price of the bigger brands headphones such as Bose and beats.

If we needed to come it down to its center, the Backbeat Pro 2 offers a brilliant travel earphone with mind blowing battery life, incomparable solace, the capacity to pair two gadgets at once and, in particular, great sound quality at an affordable cost.

For better coverage of noise-suppression technology read this post: Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Sony MDR-1000X headphones.

What ought to drive your choice on whether to purchase the MDR-1000X is your music player – in case you own a Sony Xperia, you’d find it hard to locate a good set of headphones that sounds great tantamount to these with their built-in noise-cancelling tech. Even if you may not own a Sony phone, Sony’s products are as yet worth a listen – and perhaps a buy – on the off chance that you aren’t excessively put out by its $400 (£330 or AU$700) sticker price.

Sennheiser PXC 550

In case you’re a good fan of Sennheiser’s sound, but however need headphones with noise -cancellation tech with also wireless operation then the PXC 550 earphones may be precisely what you’re searching for. They may be expensive, however these earphones sound incredible.

However one drawback is on their controls. Albeit controlling the earphones with a progression of swipes outside the ear cup seems futuristic, it’s of very little help when you need to rapidly skip through various tracks, or have the volume set at a particular level.

Bluetooth headphones

Headphones are one of the gadgets this digital generation simply cannot do without. Bluetooth headphones come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention color. The headphones you buy solely depends on both your lifestyle and budget. This is why we took our time to find the perfect headphones in each category for you to enjoy the best sound. To make sure you are able to listen to your favorite podcasts or songs, we have listed the latest headphones and their specifications that you may find appealing. Below is a detailed list of best of the latest Bluetooth headphones in the market right now.

1. Philips SHB9850NC

Price: $136.10
Key Specs: Built-in remote and microphone, Over-ear headset, 3.5mm headset jack plug, Weighs 275g.The amazing thing about this headphone is it’s relatively low price, considering it has a combination of both noise-cancelling technology and the very latest in Bluetooth AptX wireless. It may not be trendy in appearance as compared to its more expensive rivals, but it has, without a doubt, nailed the essentials. Philips will serve you just fine if your budget can’t be stretched long enough to the Sennheiser or Bose models.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35

Price: $358.82
Specs: 2.5mm headset jack plug, weighs 310g, 1.2m of cable length, Over-ear headset.For a good reason, Bose is no stranger to the active noise-cancelling feature. The QC35 features Bluetooth, as compared to previously cabled versions that were rated poorly due to the inconvenience of the lengthy cables. The QC35 is amazingly comfortable, the sound quality is excellent, not to mention the perfect noise cancellation. The battery life is similarly awesome as it lasts up to 20 hours with Bluetooth. Despite the relatively high price, this headset is simply perfect.

3. Marshall Monitor Bluetooth

Price: $ 250.00
Specs: 3.5mm headset jack plug, Circumaural headset, frequency range of 20Hz-20khz, Removable cable.When it comes to flawless design and high-quality audio, Marshall does not disappoint. Bass lovers will love this as it features a balanced mix, with the bass and treble pumped up to avoid a shoddy mix. The battery life is approximately 30hrs, but the results solely depend on your level of volume. Surprisingly, the battery is not automatically disabled once the audio cable is connected, making you want to manually switch off the headphones when using the cable.

4. Sony MDR-XB950N1

Price: $ 249.99
This Sony Bluetooth headphones model feartures: Active noise cancellation, 3.5mm headset jack plug, Over-ear headset, Compatible with phone controls.With the growing demand for noise-cancelling headphones, Sony never disappoints in meeting the consumers’ needs. The Sony MDR-XB950N1’s noise cancellation is way above average, but not quite close to what more expensive competitors have to offer. Despite the fairly bulky build, the design conveys a sharp minimalist feel. The estimated battery life is approximately 22 hours. This depends on the Bass Effect button usage, level of volume and the noise-cancelling circuitry.

5. Noontec Zoro 2 Wireless

Price: $ 123.73
Specs: On-ear headset, 1.2m cable length, Weight of 161g, 3.5mm jack plug.This is one of those headphones with more than just one great feature. The most impressive would be the long battery life, which is estimated to be about 35hrs, which can keep you well entertained before plugging them in again. The audio codec, aptX support, delivers exemplary sound quality. Then again, the sound quality may not be worth the price, but hey, who would say no to long battery life?

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