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Premium headphones – best hi fi over the ear headphones

The evolution of technology sure has come a long way from the concept of headphones that was first created for telephone calls so the operators hands are free in the 1800’s to the most expensive (premium) headphones found today for pure quality of sound. The Sennheiser Orpheus HE 90 takes the conversion from electrical signals to an equivalent sound in the users’ ear to the next level. These absurdly expensive premium headphones consisting of more than 6000 components seem to be well worth the price of $50 000.

The rebirth of Orpheus HE 90 premium headphones

Back in 1991 it was specified that the finest listening device was created by Senheiser. The family owned company created the complete headphone system with custom amplifier that sold at the price of $16 000 back in the day. Roughly 10 years ago the company (still owned by the Senheiser family) appointed a fanatical engineer called Alex Grell to work in conjunction with the Senheiser brothers (Andreas and Daniel) to create the rebirth of the headphones with the latest technologies. This lead to another revolution for the company.

The materials used in the design of these headphones are without a doubt a contribution why they broke new ground in the world of engineering too. Everything was thought about on a microscopic level to optimise the purpose of this device. The wood lined ear cups has been wisely selected to fit the curve of the headphones and the open back, layered with a black grill make them light weighted and trendy. The finishing touches of the ear pads and head strap make them as comfortable as clouds floating beside your ears. The Orpheus stand is carved from Carrara marble and includes gold vaporized ceramic electrodes, dual intensification stages and quartz-glass vacuum tubes to produce the best crisp quality sound.

Sound delivery of the Orpheus HE 90

It is said that the sound emanating from these headphones are unparalleled by other premium hi fi dj style over the ear pro headphones as it is in a class of its own. The quality of sound is close to supernatural according to sound engineers. The distortion free velocity, brief response to every note and the realistic imaging of a human voice are just a few factors that makes this headset ears-down the best headset at this time and age. This headset provides a sound where the separation of instruments along with the unity of soundstage is next level of pure technical braininess. The entire audio range of Hertz that can be heard by the human ear is in complete balance and perfected with the latest innovations and technology up to date.

If you are asking of the Sennheiser Orpheus HE 90 headset is affordable, the answer would be a big no. This type of projects are done to see if it can be done, if technology can be stretched to new horizons. By discovering that these innovative ideas can be put into practice it can lead to a better musical experience for everyone. This technology can one day make its way to amplifiers, speakers and headphones that is cost effective for everyone to optimise their musical experience.


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